Contact address: (Dr. Yury Nagovitsyn)
Central astronomical observatory at Pulkovo of Russian Academy of Sciences
Pulkovskoe shosse, 65/1, Saint-Petersburg, 196140,Russia

Extended time series of Solar Activity Indices

(observational, synthetic and simulated data)



Supported by grants:

INTAS 2000-0752 "Key parameters for Space Weather"(1)
INTAS 2001-0550 "The Solar-terrestrial climate link in the past millennia and its influence on future climate"
and partly - Federal Scientific and Technical Program "Astronomy-1105"
Programs of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences "Non-stationary phenomena in astronomy"
and "Solar activity and physical processes in the Sun-Earth system"
Program of Division for Physical Sciences of RAS No 16 "Solar Wind"
Grants of Russian Fund for Basic Researches No 01-07-90289(2) and No 04-02-17560