Лаборатория астрометрии и звездной астрономии.
JOURNEES -  2003 (Труды конференции)

  • N.M.Bronnikova, T.A.Vasil'eva.  Astrometric observations of Uranus in 2002 with the Normal Astrograph at Pulkovo. 2004.  Trans.of conf. Journees-2003. P.279-280.  pdf (80K);  ps (61K)
  • T.P.Kiseleva, O.A.Kalinichenko, M.A.Mozhaev. The determination of coordinates of  Saturn by observations of it's satellites with 26-inch refractor at Pulkovo.  2004.  Trans.of conf. Journees-2003. P. 288-289. pdf (82K); ps (65K)
  • I.S.Izmailov, M.Ju.Khovritchev, E.V.Khrutskaya, T.P.Kiseleva. CCD-observations of Galilean satellites of Jupiter during their mutual occultations and eclipses in 2003 at Pulkovo observatory.  2004.  Trans.of conf. Journees-2003. P.269-274. pdf (214K);  ps (1038K)
  • M.Ju.Khovritchev, E.V.Khrutskaya, N.M.Bronnikova. The positions and proper motions of 58483 stars in the pulkovo fields with galaxies on the Tycho-2 system (Pul-3). 2004.  Trans.of conf. Journees-2003. P. 77-78. pdf (65K); ps (74K)
  • M.Ju.Khovritchev, E.V.Khrutskaya. Comparisons of the USNO-B1.0 catalogue with Pul-3 and UCAC1 in selected fields. 2004. Trans.of conf. Journees-2003. P. 79-80. pdf (85K); ps (105K)

AGAVA - 2003 ((Труды конференции)

  • A.A. Kisselev, L. G. Romanenko. Orientation of AMP-Orbits of Pulkovo Programme Binary Stars in the Galaxy Coordinate Frame. 2004. Trans. of conf. AGAVA-2003. P. pdf(125K); ps(109)