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Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo
of Russian Academy of Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia


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Occultations of Stars by AsteroidsOccultations of Stars by Asteroids

Ephemeris SupportEphemeris Support

Apparent close Approaches to the StarsApparent close Approaches to the Stars

Estimation of Accuracy of the ObservationsEstimation of Accuracy of the Observations




Positions of the asteroids that have been sent by observers to the Minor Planet Center are automatically processed by means of calculation of (O-C) values with the help of the EPOS software package created at Pulkovo Observatory. The results based on the analysis of several millions of individual positions obtained by professional and amateur observers can be found at Here attention is paid to observations of the near-Earth asteroids.

This work was initiated by Dr. O.Bykov at Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. He and his collegues participated in this work with the help of Drs. N.Sumzina,T.Vinogradova and G.Kastel from the Institute of Applied Astronomy of RAS who prepared the MPC Database positions for processing.