Dear colleagues!

Central Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Pulkovo organizes All-Russian annual conference
"Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics - 2008", which will take place in Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) from 7 to 12 July
2008. The conference is held as a joint action of the section "Sun" of the Scientific council on astronomy of RAS and
the section "Plasma processes in magnetospheres of planets" of the Scientific council "Sun - Earth". Subjects of the
conference include a wide range of problems of solar activity and solar-terrestrial links. You and your colleagues are
welcomed to participate the conference.

A joint Russian-Polish seminar on solar-terrestrial physics are also supposed to be held in the frame of the conference.

Sections of the conference:

1. Development of the solar activity cycle in various layers of the Sun and on different time scales
2. Physical processes in active regions of the Sun
3. Solar wind and Space weather
4. Space climate
5. Problems of forecast of the solar activity and its geoeffective manifestations

The following types of reports are planned:
1. An invited report (30 minutes)
2. An oral report (15 minutes)
3. A poster report (with possibility to make a 3-minute oral report on the poster session)

The scientific committee of the conference:
A.V. Stepanov (GAO RAN, co-chairman),
V.V. Zaitsev (IPF RAN, co-chairman),
V.M. Bogod (SAO RAN),
I.S. Veselovsky (NIJaF MGU),
V.A. Dergachev (FTI RAN), 
L.M. Zeleny (IKI RAN), 
V.A. Kovalenko (ISZF SO RAN)
V.G. Lozitsky (Ukraine), 
Yu.A. Nagovitsyn (GAO RAN), 
V.N. Obridko (IZMIRAN), 
O.M. Raspopov (SPbF IZMIRAN), 
A.A. Solovjev (GAO RAN), 
K. Geogieva (Bulgaria), 
K. Mursula (Finland), 
D.K. Callebaut (Belgium), 
H. Jungner (Finland).

The schedule of the conference is:
The arrival of participants - 6 July 2008.
Scientific and cultural programs - 7-11 July.
The departure of participants - 12 July. 

The Pulkovo observatory can accommodate the participants in the hotel of the observatory. Approximate price of a one-bed
room is 1500 rubles/day. Please, take into account that the number of rooms is limited.

The registration conference fee is 1000 rubles. It includes two coffee-breaks and a package of the participant (the book
with the program and abstracts of the conference, a folder, a pen, a notebook).

Organization of lunches is also planned (their price is not included to the conference fee).

Please, send your requests for participation to address of the organization committee:

The request should include information about the participant(s) and report(s).
The following information is to be included::
(For every participant)
1. Full name
2. Affiliation
3. Does he/she plan to be accommodated in the hotel of Pulkovo observatory.
4. Does he/she plan to use the lunches.
(For every report)
1. Preliminary title
2. Author(s)
3. Reporter
4. Desirable section number (see the list of section above)
5. Desirable type of section (oral/poster)

Please, take into consideration that the schedule of the conference implies not more than one oral report per one

The deadline for requests for participation is 21 April 2008.

The rules and deadline for submitting abstracts will be reported later.

The book with abstracts and program of the conference will be published by the beginning of the conference.

Please, address all questions related to the conference to: 
Tatiana P. Borisevich, email:, phone: +7-812-3882591, +7-812-7234403;
Yury A. Nagovitsyn, email:, phone: +7-812-3882591, +7-812-7234903;
Alexander A. Solovjev, email:, phone: +7-812-7234096.

The official www-page of the conference is:

Sincerely yours,
  Organization committee.