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Occultations of Stars by AsteroidsOccultations of Stars by Asteroids

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EPOS Software Package 

EPOS (Ephemeris Program for Objects of the Solar system) is the Windows PC application for study and ephemeris support of observations of the Solar system objects. The essential astronomical data distributed by publishers (mainly, via Internet) are used by EPOS including the modern numerical ephemerides and star catalogs. EPOS has bilingual (English and Russian) interface. EPOS (ver. 9.x) will be of great service for you:

- to store in its integrated database the orbital elements and other parameters of asteroids and comets, allowing you to browse, update and use these data,

- to store the coordinates and names of observatories used in calculating the topocentric positions of objects,

- to get a list of objects that could be observable from the specified place at the specified night,

- to calculate the ephemerides of various type and accuracy for planets, satellites, asteroids and comets and to represent them in various formats,

- to control the accuracy of positional observations of the Solar system objects and to reveal the great (O-C) values,

- to perform the initial orbit determination from object's positional observations,

- to get a list of objects that may be observable within a chosen sky area at a specified moment, and to visualize their apparent motion against a star background,

- to obtain the tracks - the lines of the objects' apparent motion on the sky,

- to model visually the orbital motion of many selected objects, the point of view, the scale and the speed being adjustable,

- to model the motion of objects in the coordinate system connected with two specified fixed centers,

- to get a list of potentially hazardous objects and the ephemerides of close approaches of minor bodies to the planets,

- to get a list of apparent close approaches of objects to the stars that are observable at the specified place within selected time interval,

So with the EPOS software package one can calculate the accurate ephemerides for many objects and get the quick illustration of their motion as well. This helps to support the existing observational programs, to develop the new ones and to put the ephemeris data at the disposal of the interested observers and publishers.

EPOS was used in research of the dynamical structures of the Solar system, in preparation and analysis of Pulkovo observations of asteroids and comets, 6-meter BTA observations of trans-Neptunian objects, in the near-Earth space control at FSU observatories, in the accuracy analysis of asteroidal observations of many world observatories and in other tasks.

The orbital elements of minor bodies may be downloaded here

The JPL DE405 numerical ephemeris binary data may be downloaded here

The Tycho star catalog binary data may be downloaded here

The data on natural satellites may be downloaded here

The digital maps of planetary surfaces may be downloaded here

The physical parameters for asteroids and comets may be downloaded here

With free registration one can download the mini-version of EPOS here