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Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo
of Russian Academy of Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia


General InformationGeneral Information


Occultations of Stars by AsteroidsOccultations of Stars by Asteroids

Ephemeris SupportEphemeris Support

Apparent close Approaches to the StarsApparent close Approaches to the Stars

Estimation of Accuracy of the ObservationsEstimation of Accuracy of the Observations



Welcome to the NEO web page of the Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo. Near-Earth objects are asteroids and comets that can approach the Earth's orbit. These objects may be hazardous for our civilization, so they are intensively studied all over the world. This web page contains information about various theoretical and observational aspects of the Pulkovo NEO activity. Some items deal with a more wide class of minor bodies of the Solar system. You can find here the answers to some questions along with some ephemerides and lists. We hope that these data will be useful for you.