Programme of the Journées 2014
Monday 22 September 2014
This day in history of astronomy
b. Thomas Wright, English astronomer (1711)
b. Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin, Swedish astronomer (1717)
b. Edison Pettit, American astronomer (1889)
Official opening of the Crimea Astrophysical Observatory (1955)
08:00-09:00: Registration
09:00-09:20: Opening of the Journées 2014 and Welcome Speeches

Welcome from A. Stepanov, Director of the Pulkovo Observatory

Welcome from C. Lassailly, Coordinator on the scientific cooperation, French embassy in Russia

Capitaine N. Introduction to the Journées 2014. - Presentation

09:20-09:50: Special session on the History of the Pulkovo Observatory

Stepanov A. 175 years of the Pulkovo Observatory. - Presentation

09:50-10:10: Session 1. Celestial reference system and frame

(Chair: N. Capitaine)

Malkin Z., Jacobs C., and IAU ICRF3 Working Group. (invited) The ICRF-3: Status, plans, and progress on the next generation International Celestial Reference Frame. - Presentation

10:10-10:40: Coffee break

10:40-13:00: Session 1. (continuation)

(Chair: A. Andrei)

Raposo-Pulido V., Lambert S., Capitaine N., Nilsson T., Heinkelmann R., Schuh H. On the systematics in apparent proper motions of radio sources observed by VLBI. - Presentation

Andrei A., Coelho B., Anton S. Morphology of QSO host galaxies - a look at the SED. - Presentation

Damljanovic G., Taris F., Boeva S. Some preliminary photometric results of QSOs useful for the link between future Gaia CRF and ICRF. - Presentation

Iddink A., Jacobs C., Artz T., Nothnagel A. First results of X/S and X/Ka-band catalog combinations with full covariance information. - Presentation

Tsvetkov A., Vityazev V. Comparison of astrometric catalogues UCAC4, XPM, PPMXL. - Presentation

Popadyov V., Tolchelnikova S. Some common problems in geodesy and astrometry after establishing ICRF. - Presentation

Ding P.-J., Liu J.-C., Zhu Z. Galactic coordinate system based on multi-wavelength catalogues. - Presentation

Discussion (Chair: Z. Malkin)

13:00-13:45: Lunch-break

13:45-14:00: Group photo at the portico in the center of the Observatory building

14:00-15:30: Session 2. Relativity and time scales

(Chair: M. Soffel, O. Titov)

Hees A., Bertone S., Le Poncin-Lafitte C., Teyssandier P. (invited) The Time Transfer Function as a tool to compute range, Doppler and astrometric observables. - Presentation

Klioner S. (invited) Relativistic aspects of Gaia mission. - Presentation

Capitaine N., Soffel M. On the definition and use of the ecliptic in modern astronomy. - Presentation

Tang K., Soffel M., Tao J.-H., Tang Z.-H. Relativistic precession model of the Earth for long time interval. - Presentation

Soffel M. Work related with IAU C52: RIFA. - Presentation

Litvinov D., Bartel N., Biriukov A., Kauts V., Kulagin V., Rudenko V. Gravitational redshift experiment with the space radio telescope RadioAstron. - Presentation

15:30-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-16:40: Session 2. (continuation)

(Chair: M. Soffel)

Titov O., Girdiuk A. The deflection of light induced by the Sun gravity field and measured with geodetic VLBI. - Presentation

Le Poncin-Lafitte C., Delva P., Meynadier F., Guerlin C., Wolf P., Laurent P. Time and frequency transfer with a microwave link in the ACES PHARAO mission. - Presentation

Discussion (Chair: S. Klioner)

16:40-18:00: POSTER SESSION

18:00-19:30: WELCOME DRINK

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Equinox at 06:29 (St. Petersburg local time, UTC+4h)

This day in history of astronomy
b. Johann Franz Encke, German astronomer (1791)
Discovery of Neptune (1846)
d. Jean Chacornac, French astronomer (1873)
d. Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier, French astronomer (1877)
b. Alfred Harrison Joy, American astronomer (1882)
09:00-10:30: Session 3. Solar and extrasolar systems dynamics

(Chair: V. Dehant)

Shevchenko I. (invited) Resonances in the Solar and exoplanetary systems. - Presentation

Devyatkin A., Gorshanov D., L'vov V., Tsekmeister S., Petrova S., Martyusheva A., Slesarenko V., Naumov K., Sokova I., Sokov E., Zinoviev S., Karashevich S., Ivanov A., Lyashenko A., Rusov S., Kouprianov V., Bashakova E., Melnikov A. Investigation of asteroids in Pulkovo Observatory. - Presentation

Sokova I., Sokov E., Roschina E., Rastegaev D., Gorshanov D., Balega Yu., Dyachenko V. The binary asteroid 22 Kalliope: Linus orbit determination on the basis of speckle interferometric observations. - Presentation

Pitjeva E. Evolution of EPM ephemerides of IAA RAS. - Presentation

Girdiuk A. Improvement of the Pluto orbit using additional new data. - Presentation

Kudryashova M., Rosenblatt P., Marty J.-Ch. Phobos mass estimations from MEX and Viking1 data: influence of different noise sources and estimation strategies. - Presentation

10:30-11:00: Coffee break

11:00-12:00: Session 3. (continuation)

(Chair: A. Escapa, D. Hestroffer)

Perminov A., Kuznetsov E. Expansion of the Hamiltonian of a planetary system into the Poisson series in all elements. - Presentation

Guseva I. Some peculiarities of orbits of observed comets. - Presentation

Kuznetsov E., Zakharova P. Long time dynamical evolution of highly elliptical satellites orbits. - Presentation

Vasilyev M., Yagudina E., Torre J.-M., Feraudy D. Planned LLR station in Russia and its impact on the lunar ephemeris accuracy. - Presentation

12:00-13:00: Sub-Session on the "IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth Rotation"

(Chair: J. Ferrándiz, R. Gross)

Ferrándiz J., Gross R. Report on the activities of the IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth Rotation. - Presentation

Getino J., Escapa A. Report on activities of the Sub-Working Group 1 "Precession/Nutation" of the IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth Rotation. - Presentation

Brzeziński A. Report on activities of the IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on Theory of Earth Rotation, Sub-WG 2 "Polar motion and UT1". - Presentation

Heinkelmann R. IAU/IAG Joint Working Group on the Theory of Earth Rotation. Sub Working Group 3: Numerical solutions and validation. - Presentation

Discussion (Chair: J. Ferrándiz, R. Gross)

13:00-14:00: Lunch-break

14:00-15:30: Session 4. Earth's rotation and geodynamics

(Chair: C. Ron, R. Heinkelmann)

Schindelegger M., Böhm J., Salstein D. (invited) The global S1 tide and Earth's nutation. - Presentation

Dehant V. Refinements on precession, nutation, and wobble of the Earth. - Presentation

Liu J.-C., Capitaine N. Possible improvements of the IAU 2006 precession. The preliminary results. - Presentation

Zharov V. Towards new nutation theory. - Presentation

Bizouard C., Zotov L., Sidorenkov N. Lunar influence on equatorial atmospheric angular momentum and consequences for nutation. - Presentation

Tercjak M., Böhm J., Brzeziński A., Gebauer A., Kluegel T., Schreiber U., Schindelegger M. Estimation of nutation rates from combination of ring laser and VLBI data. - Presentation

Brzeziński A., Wielgosz A., Böhm S. On application of the complex demodulation procedure for monitoring Earth rotation: comparison with the standard approach using the long periodic EOP components estimated from VLBI data analysis by the VieVS CD software. - Presentation

15:30-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-17:40: Session 4. (continuation)

(Chair: A. Brzeziński, V. Zharov)

Baenas T., Ferrándiz J., Escapa A., Getino J. Effects of the tidal mass redistribution on the Earth rotation. - Presentation

Pashkevich V. New high-precision Earth and Moon rotation series at long time intervals. - Presentation

Markov Yu., Filippova A.Numerical-analytical modeling of the Earth's pole oscillations. - Presentation

Nastula J., Wińska M., Biryło M. Comparison of polar motion excitation functions computed from different sets of gravimetric coefficients. - Presentation

Ron C., Vondrák J. Geomagnetic excitation of nutation. - Presentation

Sidorenkov N. The Chandler wobble of the poles and its amplitude modulation. - Presentation

Zotov L., Bizouard C. Prediction of the Chandler wobble. - Presentation

Pasynok S., Bezmenov I., Kaufman M. Operative EOP activities in VNIIFTRI. - Presentation


Wednesday 24 September 2014
This day in history of astronomy
d. Hermann of Reichenau, German astronomer (1054)
d. Johann Matthias Hase, German astronomer and cartographer (1742)
d. Dmitry Gedeonov, Russian astronomer and geodesist (1908)
The first automated return of lunar material to the Earth by Luna-16 (1970)
09:00-10:20: Session 4. (continuation)

(Chair: C. Huang, Ch. Bizouard)

Huang C., Zhang M. (invited) Do we need various assumptions to get a good FCN? - A new multiple layer spectral method. - Presentation

Gorshkov V., Scherbakova N., Mohnatkin A., Smirnov S., Petrov S., Trofimov D., Guseva T., Perederin V., Rosenberg N. Deformation of the South-Eastern Baltic Shield from GNSS observations. - Presentation

Discussion (Chair: C. Huang)

10:20-10:50: Coffee break

10:50-12:00: Session 5. Astronomical almanacs and software

(Chair: C. Hohenkerk, E. Pitjeva)

Bell S., Nelmes S., Prema P., Whittaker J. (invited) The future of almanac services. An HMNAO perspective ... - Presentation

Pavlov D., Skripnichenko V. Rework of the ERA software system: ERA-8. - Presentation

Galushina T., Bykova L., Letner O., Baturin A. The software "IDA" for investigation of asteroid dynamics and its use for study of some asteroid motion. - Presentation

Discussion (Chair: S. Bell)

12:00-13:00: General discussion and closing the Journées 2014

(Chair: N. Capitaine, Z. Malkin)

13:00-13:45: Lunch-break

13:45-14:25: SOFA Business meeting
IAU Commission 19 Business Meeting

14:30-16:00: Excursion on the Pulkovo Observatory

(in alphabetical order for each session)
Session 1. Celestial reference system and frame

Kurdubov S., Skurikhina E. Core sources set selection. Presentation

Lipovka A., Lipovka N. On the transition to the radio system coordinates ICRF. - Presentation

Medvedev Y., Kuznetsov V. Using positional observations of numbered minor planets for determination of star catalog errors. - Presentation

Taris F., Damljanovic G., Andrei A., Klotz A., Vachier F. Optical monitoring of QSOs in the framework of the Gaia space mission. - Presentation

Vityazev V., Tsvetkov A. Kinematics derived from Northern and Southern hemispheres of huge ICRS astrometric catalogues. - Presentation

Session 2. Relativity and time scales

Avramenko A. Parametric invariance of the relativistic pulsar time scales. - Presentation

Heinkelmann R., Soja B., Schuh H. Gravitational effects from a series of IVS R&D VLBI-sessions with observations close to the Sun. - Presentation

Session 3. Solar and extrasolar systems dynamics

Hestroffer D., David P., Hees A., Le Poncin Lafitte C. Gaia Local test of general relativity with Gaia and Solar system objects. - Presentation

Hestroffer D., Arlot J.-E., Lainey V., Robert V. Taking the opportunity of the Gaia reference star catalogue for observing the Solar system in the past. - Presentation

Kovalenko I., Hestroffer D., Doressoundiram A., Emelyanov N , Stoica R. Statistical inversion method for binary asteroids orbit determination. - Presentation

Popova E. Diagrams of stability of circumbinary planetary systems. - Presentation

Sigismondi C., Regoli V., Andrei A. Measures of the Earth obliquity during 1701 winter solstice at the Clementine meridian line in Rome. - Presentation

Vavilov D., Medvedev Y. Method of determining the orbits of the small bodies in the Solar system based on an exhaustive search of orbital planes. - Presentation

Session 4. Earth's rotation and geodynamics

Bezmenov I., Pasynok S. GLONASS orbit/clock combination in VNIIFTRI. - Presentation

Escapa A., Baenas T., Ferrándiz J., Getino J. On the minimization properties of the Tisserand systems. - Presentation

Gorshkov V. Pole tide triggering of seismicity. - Presentation

Gross R., Nastula J. Estimating the period and Q of the Chandler Wobble from observations and models of its excitation. - Presentation

Heinkelmann R., Belda-Palazón S., Ferrándiz J., Schuh H. The consistency of the current conventional celestial and terrestrial reference frames and the conventional EOP series. - Presentation

Hui H., Rui W, Malkin Z. Application of Titius-Bode law in earthquake study. - Presentation

Miller N. Periodical regularities of polar motion in the Pulkovo latitude variations. - Presentation

Perepelkin V., Bondarenko V. Irregular effects in the oscillatory process of the Earth's pole and temporal variations of the geopotential. - Presentation

Skurikhina E., Ipatov A., Smolentsev S., Kurdubov S., Gayazov I., Diakov A., Olifirov V. CONT14 - High-frequency Earth rotations variations from VLBI observations. - Presentation

Spiridonov E., Tsurkis I., Kuchay M., Sinyukhina S. The probabilistic approach to the description of the Chandler wobble. - Presentation

Sun R., Shen W. Triaxial Earth's rotation: Chandler wobble, free core nutation and diurnal polar motion. - Presentation

Tsyba E., Kaufman M. Improvement of the software Bernese for calculation of the Earth rotation parameters according to the data of satellite laser ranging (Lageos 1, Lageos 2) in the Main Metrological Centre of the State Time and Frequency Service. - Presentation

Session 5. Astronomical almanacs and software

Andrei A., Boscardin S., Penna J., Sigismondi C., Reis Neto E., d'Avila V. Astrometry and numerical methods for the solar heliometer. - Presentation

Brattseva O., Gayazov I., Kurdubov S., Suvorkin V. SINCom - the new program package for combined processing of space geodetic observations. - Presentation

Hilton J., Acton C., Arlot J.-E., Bell S., Capitaine N., Fienga A., Folkner W., Gastineau M., Pavlov D., Pitjeva E., Skripnichenko V., Wallace P. Report of the IAU Commission 4 Working Group on Standardizing Access to Ephemerides and File Format Specification: Update September 2014. - Presentation

Hohenkerk C. SOFA & astrometry. - Presentation

Lukashova M., Glebova N., Netsvetaeva G., Sveshnikov M., Skripnichenko V. Russian astronomical ephemeris editions and software. - Presentation

Mosenkov A., Savchenko S., Sotnikova N. Decomposition of galaxy images and galaxy rotation curves. - Presentation

Nelmes S., Whittaker J. Almanac services for celestial navigation. - Presentation

Skripnichenko P., Galushina T., Loginova M. EROS - automated software system for ephemeris calculation and estimation of probability domain. - Presentation

Suvorkin V., Kurdubov S., Gayazov I. GNSS processing in Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS. - Presentation